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I Called this company to cancel this account, (that I wasn't even aware I had set up.) And the girl I talked to said they would unsign me and reverse the charge.I informed her that 3-5 business days to reverse this charge for a service that I never even knew I had access to, was too late because I have other transactions pending that were sure now to put me over into an over-draft costing me almost 2x the amount of this "service."(Which turns out is the access to a website???

Calorie charts and exercise tips for 20 bucks you gotta be kidding me, nutridiary has all that for free!!) So I told her she either needed to speed the process or put someone on the phone who I could talk to about refunding me the overdraft charge as well. She put me on hold and transferred me to a "Supervisor" who gave me the same "..3-5 days nothing more we can do.." ***. I said I understood, but needed the charge the bank was sure to charge me refunded as well and if he couldn't help me, to put someone on the phone that could. He told me it wasn't possible "And I do apologize" and I told him, if they are going around, charging unsuspecting consumer's bank accounts without even notifying them, they can surely afford to pay back the damage that they are creating for people.

And then, he hung up on me. I am so infuriated right now, these people are snakes, and good luck finding one that doesn't have some crazy thick accent you can barley understand by the way.

I'm not racist and I have no problem with different ethnicity backgrounds, but when people are handling your bank account, it'd be nice to limit the communication problems.

Monetary Loss: $33.

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